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Over the last few years, we have worked to align ourselves in ​spaces and opportunities that removes the obstacles for black ​businesses to reach success. This includes partnering with Urban ​Launch School, the City of Columbus, Broad Street Presbyte​rian Church and other organizations to design programming​ and distribute resources that empowers black business​e​s.

In a sense, our goal is to create a world where syste​mic oppression is not an obstacle for black businesses. As T​he U evolves, we will continue to evolve our approach in ho​w we bridge the gap of success for black entrepreneurs by brid​ging access to culturally competent resources, engagem​ent, mentorship and educati​on.


Chief Executive Officer & fOUNDER

Urban Business Development Center

at the U

We develop businesses in the most culturally competent way.

Who we are

As black entrepreneurs ​ourselves, we recognized a gap ​in the support systems for our ​community. Resources are ​not necessarily scarce in the ​ecosystem, but we noticed a ​shortage of resources that ​truly resonated with the ​black entrepreneurial ​experience. We knew that ​there had to be a better way to ​help black businesses reach ​their goals, so we created The ​U. For Us By Us

What we do

Our organization supports ​black-owned businesses in two ​ways. Firstly, we collaborate ​with entrepreneur support ​organizations or cities to create ​culturally relevant and ​effective educational courses. ​Secondly, we work with ​established small black-owned ​businesses to optimize systems ​and develop sustainable ​business models through ​consultation and custom ​strategic development sessions.

What we’ve ​accomplished

Our team has spent the last ​five years creating a ​culturally competent ​curriculum that has been ​successfully implemented in ​top organizations, including ​GiveBackHack, Columbus ​Urban League, and My ​Brother's Keeper. The ​acclaimed Urban Launch ​School Accelerator currently ​houses our reputable ​culturally competent ​business curriculum.


Bold Ideas Turned into Reality

It is essential to develop educational environments and ​resources tailored specifically to the black entrepreneurial ​experience. Studies indicate that such focused support ​leads to greater business success and sustainable growth ​for black entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship education involves more than standard ​business instructions. To significantly benefit black ​businesses, it's crucial to address aspects of ​entrepreneurship that uniquely affect individuals of color. ​An example would be emphasizing non-traditional funding ​options is vital, particularly in light of the historical systemic ​racism evident in traditional funding sources.

This comprehensive approach to entrepreneurship ​education not only empowers black business owners but ​also fosters a more equitable and inclusive economic ​landscape for future generations.

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1. Fragmentation in Resources

While Columbus provides many different business resources and has ​an active government invested in the growth of small businesses, 8 ​out of 10 entrepreneurs are still finding it difficult to locate the right ​resources that fit their needs.

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problems ​we're solving

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2. Demand for Guided and Direct Support

There is a high demand for hands on guided navigation ​through the business building processes and assistance ​leveraging tools currently available in the ecosystem. ​Technology can solve this problem.

3. Access to Culturally Competent Curriculum

Lastly, POC are expressing the desire for business ​education and mentors that are outside of the one-size-​fits-all curriculum model and resonate with the barriers ​that are often present in their communities.

our ​approach



Our final goal is to build technology ​that centralizes the entrepreneur's ​business growth journey while easily ​giving access to tools that ESOs offer



Our goal is to build a central hub to serve as ​the front door and navigator to urban ​entrepreneurs.



We are currently working to centralize and provide ​pathways to entrepreneurial resources for urban ​businesses.



We offer access to business development mentorship and ​consulting to design powerful strategic plans and systems.



We design culturally competent curriculum that has ​proven to successfully launch and grow minority ​businesses.

2019 - 2023 ​Achievements

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2023 Business Advocate Award - ​Presented by COAACC

The Business Advocate Award is a testament to the ​hard work and dedication of our team at The U.

Top Six Startup Accelerators in ​Columb​us

Recognized as one of the top accelerators for ​entrepreneurs in the Columbus area.

Community Leadership Award

Was presented with the Community Leadership Award ​presented from Xi Psi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa ​Alpha Sorority, Incorporate

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THe U over next 5 ​years



We aim to broaden our partnerships and ​implement more culturally sensitive ​business curriculum into Entrepreneur ​Support Organizations throughout the ​country.



Our team is currently working on ​software that will serve as a gateway for ​urban businesses to recognize their ​current position in their growth journey, ​requirements, available resources, and ​how to leverage them.



The ultimate objective is to revitalize ​urban communities and promote ​sustainability among minority-owned ​businesses.

our 10 year ​journey

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  • Build MVP and ​prototype for data ​centralized ​software
  • Create Urban ​Society - access to ​minority services ​through ​membership



  • Expand West!



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  • Expand programming ​to target revitalizing ​urban communities
  • Work with ESOs ​outside of the ​Columbus area, ​duplicating curriculum
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We are here!

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  • Conduct ​research to ​identify gaps for ​minority ​business owners
  • Prove concept of ​Urban Launch ​School
  • Build team ​members



  • Launch software ​within ESO ​ecosystem



  • Expand ULS to be ​its own entity
  • Develop an ​alumni ​experience
  • Increase access ​to education with ​online platform
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They’ve Worked ​With US

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